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Roaring Iron Esports
Investing in Esports Community

Investing in esports is not just an investment in the esports industry but an investment in younger communities. Esports has emerged as a popular entertainment option for the younger generation, and by incorporating it into our businesses we will attract and engage with younger consumers. This will have long-term benefits for the company as younger consumers tend to be more loyal and have a longer lifetime value. Additionally, our esports venues can become the new "third place" providing a sense of community for young people who are seeking a social experience and connections that virtual connections have failed to live up to. By creating a welcoming and engaging environment, each business can drive long-term revenue as customers return for more entertainment options. Moreover, by introducing families to esports, it can create a long-tail effect, introducing them to our other entertainment offerings, such as restaurants, boutique bowling, simulation golf and racing, and other attractions that they may not have been aware of previously. Overall, we believe investing in esports will have significant benefits for our businesses, including attracting younger consumers, driving long-term revenue, and introducing new customers to our diverse entertainment offerings.

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Location 01


The Bunker is a 40+ seat esports center located within Roar Winston Salem. The Bunker offers state-of-the-art gaming technology and an immersive gaming environment. 


Equipped with high-performance gaming PCs, gaming peripherals, and high-speed internet connectivity, The Bunker provides a focused and distraction-free gaming experience for players of all levels.

The facility offers a wide range of popular esports titles, hosts regular tournaments and events, and plays host to a supportive community of esports enthusiasts in the Triad NC area. The Bunker is a premier destination for esports gaming and entertainment.

Location 02

Altered Esports
@ ROAR Myrtle Beach

We have faith that adding esports to our ROAR Myrtle Beach location will significantly impact the local and regional esports scene. By offering state-of-the-art gaming technology, high-speed internet connectivity, and a comfortable and immersive gaming environment, we project that our center will attract a wide range of esports enthusiasts, from beginners to professionals. Hosting regular esports tournaments and events will create a supportive community of gamers in the area, while also showcasing Myrtle Beach as a premier destination for esports. 

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The Lab.png

Location 03

The Lab Esports 
@ ROAR Cleveland

By our calculations, adding an esports and gaming center to our ROAR Cleveland location will reveal a significant local impact. With the incorporation of esports, foot traffic is likely to increase and generate more business growth. This prediction is supported by the rapid growth of the esports industry, which attracts a diverse audience.

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