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Mayfair Hospitality Project Management

The Project Management and Development Division of Mayfair Hospitality Group is a vital component of our organization. This division is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of all new projects, as well as managing the ongoing operations and maintenance of our existing properties.

Our project management team is comprised of skilled professionals who possess a wide range of expertise in areas such as architecture, engineering, construction, and interior design. They work closely with our partners, contractors, and suppliers to ensure that all projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality.

In addition, our development team is responsible for identifying new opportunities for growth and expansion. They conduct extensive research and analysis to determine the feasibility of new projects, and they work closely with our investment team to secure financing and funding. Once a project has been approved, the development team works closely with our project management team to oversee the construction and implementation of the project.

Throughout the development and implementation process, our project management and development teams work closely with our operations team to ensure a smooth transition from construction to operation. They provide ongoing support to ensure that our properties are managed efficiently and effectively, and they work tirelessly to ensure that our guests have the best possible experience at all of our properties.

At Mayfair Hospitality Group, we are committed to creating innovative and exciting guest experiences, and our Project Management and Development Division plays a crucial role in achieving this goal. Through their hard work and dedication, our team is able to identify new opportunities for growth and expansion, and they ensure that our properties are managed to the highest standards of quality and excellence.

Completed Projects

Innovative. Expertise. Exceptional.

Mayfair Hospitality Group has completed a diverse range of projects across various hospitality industries. Each project was executed with a focus on innovation, excellence, and exceptional guest experiences. The completed projects reflect our commitment to providing high-quality and memorable experiences to our guests. We are proud of our completed projects and look forward to continuing to deliver exceptional guest experiences in the future.

Current Projects

Entertainment Centers
Roar Myrtle Beach
Roar Dayton
Roar Cleveland
Roar Timonium 
Roar Farmington

Est Est Est Dayton
JL Caspers Tavern Mount Prospect

Hotel Conversions
Dayton OH
Albuquerque NM
Farmington NM
Runnemede NJ
Timonium MD
Mount Prospect IL
High Point NC

New Build Hotels
Aiden Hotel Myrtle Beach
Vibe Hotel Myrtle Beach

Residential Projects
Mayfair on Liberty Winston Salem
Hillcrest Town Homes Winston Salem
LA Reynolds SFR Winston Salem

Woolworth Event Space and Diner WS
Ronnies Country Store and. Speakeasy WS
Holly Inn WS
Roar Inn Winston Salem

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